I’m going to look over chapter 3 of “We media” called “How participatory journalism is taking form”.

This chapter said “Participation has been a fundamental component of the Internet since its inception. Newsgroups, mailing lists and bulletin boards were the early cousins to the forums, weblogs and collaborative communities flourishing today”. It maens that parcipatory journalism was founded as journalism was created. So major argument here is “Participatory journalism flourishes in social media — the interpersonal communication that takes place through e-mail, chat, message boards, forums — and in collaborative media — hybrid forms of news, discussion and community”.

Few concepts of this chapter, that showed “publish, then filter model”. First is Discussion groups. It is oldest and most popular form of partisapatory journalism. Second is “user-generated content”, it provide audience to participate in news sites, that has e-mail. Third is Weblogs is a new form of journalism. It provide page with “small block text” that every one can read and live a coment. Next is Collaborative publishing. “A collaborative publishing environment is designed
to enable a group of participants (large or small) to play multiple roles: content creators, moderators, editors, advertisers and readers”. Than Peer-to-Peer. It is a form of comunication that provide us to share digital information through webserver. In example SMS and IM (Instant Messaging). XML Syndication (RSS) is another concept.

Function of participation (it attempts to categorize participatory journalism by the function the audience serves) that include: Commentary, Filtering and editing, Fact-checking, Grassroots reporting, Annotative reporting, Open-source reporting and peer review, Buying, selling and advertising, Knowledge management.



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I think that skype is most important provider for communication nowdays. So we do not have to go out of home the to communicate with some we want. Only things needed are computer and internet access. With the skype you not only can speack to one person, but also see him and connect a group of people to your conversation. It realy increadable technology, that help us talk even see people from another countries in live time. So it halp to develop your life network, create new freands, formal groups, work place.

social network

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I’ll talk about social network that every us has… It is our friends, so we all the part of it and no one can say that he is a center of this net. In our friendship we are looking for people with the same interests, so it provide common issues for conversations and help to relax with people who understand you. However there are no actual leader that can say what all should do or not to do. That make every net special.

Another interesting characteristic is that this network can easily change or morph according to interference or breakdown. So if there one more person connect to the group, it become develop. It means that every new friend give us some new information and show his personality, that is why groups would never be the same. That is why every group are different and has it own personality.

For every person it important to have a such network, because it not only provide us with new information, like formal groups (teammates, co-workers), but also good time to spend with common interest people. As for me I believe that it is most important group, staid in the line with a family.

First internet impression

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As I remember my first internet impression was: what the reason to use it? It was in 2001, so only after one year I started  to use internet about 21 hour  in a week. Today I use internet for 35 hours a week. So internet becom a common part of our life.

the end.


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My name Kim Yevgeniy. This is my first blog, so I just want to introduce myself. I’m 3rd year student in KIMEP, program BSS. I am from Ust-kamenogorsk, my hobbies are extreme sports, so I like mountain bike, dirt-surf. Also I was a member of Kazakhstan national snowboard team)).

That’s all, see you.

Hello world!

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